Dispersion of Transparent Iron Oxides

A Step Towards Sustainable Chemistry

– Combination of Pat-Add DA 861 and Pat-Add DA 401

– Pat-Add DA 861 is a polymeric dispersing agent for solvent-borne,
solvent-free, and aqueous paints, inks and colorants. PAT-ADD DA 861
is free of volatile organic components. It is multifunctional and
compatible with a wide range of non-polar and polar solvent-borne
paint systems. Although, PAT-ADD DA 861 is multifunctional and
applicable to most pigments, itis particularly effective as a
dispersant for carbon black.

– Pat-Add DA 401 is a polymeric dispersing additive for waterborne
paints, pigment dispersions and printing inks. It is highly
effective dispersant for inorganic and moderately polar pigments,
including carbon blacks, in aqueous systems.