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Dispersion of Transparent Iron Oxides

- Combination of Pat-Add DA 861 and Pat-Add DA 401 - Pat-Add DA 861 is a polymeric dispersing agent for solvent-borne, solvent-free, and aqueous paints, inks and colorants. PAT-ADD DA 861 is free of volatile organic components. It is multifunctional and compatible with a wide range of non-polar and polar solvent-borne paint systems. Although, PAT-ADD DA 861 is multifunctional and applicable to most pigments, itis particularly effective as a dispersant for carbon black. - Pat-Add DA 401 is a polymeric dispersing additive for waterborne paints, pigment dispersions and printing inks. It is highly effective dispersant for inorganic and moderately polar pigments, including carbon blacks, in aqueous systems.

Polymeric Defoamers

Pat-Add AF 43 is a polymeric defoamer for waterborne varnishes, wood-coatings, inks and pigment dispersions. Pat-Add AF 43 is Low VOC and based on synthetic organic surface-active compounds. It is specifically formulated for low PVC systems; improved film properties versus oil and silicone defoamers.

Solventfree Epoxy Colorants

Pat-Add DA 815 is a solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-free systems. It induces Newtonian flow by strongly lowering viscosity. It can also work as neutralizer for acidic and neutral surface treated carbon black pigments. Main benefits are: Provides excellent uniformity and color development, lowers torque requirement and filtration pressure, Reduces viscosity, Solvent-free